Gabe Souza

An award-winning photographer and director, Mark has spent nearly two decades in the photography industry. He studied photojournalism at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he was awarded the Owen Butler Photographic Scholarship. Mark has served as director of photography for Down East and senior photographer for Yankee MagazineHis first book, Ultimate Acadia, which focuses on natural beauty of Acadia National Park, is now in its second edition. 

A self-professed geek, Mark loves History Channel documentaries, keeps back editions of National Geographic for reference material, and can quote nearly every line from Jaws. He makes a point to try any local beer he can get his hands on and attempts to mitigate the resulting calories by dodging traffic on his road bike. 

He currently lives in Southern Maine with his wife Jennifer, a dedicated ER nurse and easily the coolest person he's ever met.


Selected Clients:

Backpacker Magazine
Berlin City Auto Group
Boston Magazine
Boston University
BVK Advertising
Coleman Company
Dove USA
Down East Magazine
Eklund & Griffin
LL Bean
Maine Office of Tourism
Rancourt & Co
Smart Water Management
TIME Magazine
Yankee Magazine